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i360 Has A Simple Goal: Help Our Clients Win Through The
Strategic Use Of Data And Technology


At i360 we believe the data is the difference. But what does that mean? Simply put, it means integrating data in everything we do to produce the most effective outcomes for every one of clients.

At the core of the i360 operation is a comprehensive database of all 18+ American consumers and voters containing thousands of pieces of individual and aggregated information that gives us the full picture of who they are, where they live, what they do and what is happening around them. Leveraging this and our capabilities in data science, analytics, technology development and advertising, we help clients take their efforts to the next level by embracing the concept of truly borderless data.


To help our clients expand the efficacy of both our data and their own data, our data science team utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to build predictive models that update in real time based on new inputs, thereby helping our clients classify people and events, detect patterns and unlock the true predictive power of data.



We realize that to put data to good use, it must be accessible and actionable to real people. For that reason, we have invested in the production of agile technology products that enable our clients to maximize efficiencies across all their efforts including data management and reporting, door-to-door canvassing, volunteer phone banking, and online activism.



Obtaining insights from data is key to our clients and making sure that discovery stays embedded in their business, not ours, is key to our analytics capability. That’s why we seek to empower our clients with data visualization tools and dashboards to help them better analyze their results: spotting trends, developing better strategies, and designing experiments to test theories and execute them.



To help ensure your paid digital and TV advertising reach the right people, i360 combines our data and technology and partners with major providers to reach audiences across different screens and mediums. The result is a consistent message delivered to the right target in the most cost efficient and quantifiable manner.