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i360 Has A Simple Goal: Help Our Clients Win Through The
Strategic Use Of Data And Technology


At i360 we believe the data is the difference. But what does that mean? Simply put, it means integrating data in everything we do to produce the most effective outcome for our clients.

At the core of the i360 operation is a database of over 260 million 18+ adults, including the 199 million who are registered to vote.  So we’ve got quantity – but what’s even more important to us is the quality of our data. To ensure it is as accurate as possible, we update our data constantly.  We source thousands of attributes from multiple consumer data compilers, constantly refresh voter registration information from all states and gather millions of political and issue attributes on an ongoing basis.  We then expand the efficacy of this data by using it to build our national predictive models that help clients answer unknowns through the most advanced data science.

So we’ve got all of this data, but what do we do with it? We realize that to put this data to good use, it must be accessible and actionable. For that reason, we have invested in the production of integrated technology products that enable our clients to maximize efficiencies across all their grassroots efforts including door-to-door canvassing, volunteer phone banking, poll watching and event check-in. In addition, through several strategic partnerships, we have made our data targetable on both TV and digital media – enabling you to deliver a consistent message to your target voters, whether they are reading their mail, surfing the web or both. By leveraging our analytics tools our clients can take the data gained from these efforts to the next level, examining results, spotting trends, developing strategies and predicting outcomes.

It is our combined involvement in each of these areas – data, technology, advertising and analytics – that makes each piece stronger and gives us unique insight into the entire chain of production from raw data to finished product. With a comprehensive yet precise view of the landscape, we can understand what it takes to win and help you make it happen.