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Make data central to everything you do

As a first-of-its-kind enterprise, i360 fully integrates and continually updates a database of all 250 million 18+ Americans, including the 190 million who are registered to vote. The information in the i360 database goes beyond voting data and includes hundreds of variables on every individual including survey response data, consumer demographic, lifestyle and behavioral data, census data and precinct level election returns, and more that can be used to determine and reach your targets.

i360’s comprehensive data is a unique combination of hard data points and predictive modeling. Our dataset incorporates extensive political identification, coalition and membership information collected by way of in-person, phone and online surveys, as well as through partner relationships. In addition, this data is enhanced by our team of data scientists who build and refine sophisticated predictive models (microtargeting) that predict how likely voters are to support issues, candidates and how likely they are to take an action, like voting.

In addition, we provide a host of technologies such as grassroots and analytical tools that help you understand data and put it to use, effectively.

Our main asset: Our Database

  • 250+ million consumers with hundreds of Demographic and lifestyle attributes
  • Privately sourced phones: LAN, Cell, VOIP
  • Email acquisition and append services
  • Social media identification
  • Aggregate census and election data
  • Private political and issue survey response data on over 100 million individuals
  • National Predictive Models, constantly recalibrated and rescored

360° analytics

i360’s in-house Analytics and Modeling Teams know the importance of integrating real-time analytics and data into every part of a successful campaign – their work provides actionable insights and answers the unknowns. We empower you to expand your use of data and work with you to develop custom dashboards and business intelligence tools to display and visualize that data. You are able to interact directly with data to identify unique and impactful relationships, gain a deeper understanding of the political landscape, and craft and change plans on the fly. i360’s analytics tools and dashboards combine ease-of-use with powerful performance and reliability to better inform strategy.

Predictive modeling

At i360, the data — not assumptions — drive our predictive models. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and hundreds of dynamic variables, i360’s predictive modeling provides unprecedented insight into voter behavior. The superior data and analytics that go into our predictive models empower organizations and campaigns to target audiences with precision and communicate their message most effectively.

Deep Dives

Giving you unprecedented insight into the makeup of your target geographic region, our Deep Dive product will serve as the floor plan for your entire campaign.
The in-depth analysis currently available at the state or congressional district level shows you everything you need to know including the demographic and psychographic breakdown of your target market.

Interested in how you could use the Deep Dive product? Contact us today to get started.