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Data Trust, i360 Announce Historic Data Sharing Partnership

Arlington, VA (August 28, 2014) — The Data Trust and i360, the two leading right-of-center data management companies, are announcing a historic data sharing partnership that will allow Republican and Conservative campaign resources to be spent more efficiently than ever before.

“For the first time, the Data Trust and i360 will work together to reduce duplication and make right-of-center voter contact efforts more efficient, resulting in our partners having access to more and better data,” said John DeStefano, president of The Data Trust. “We are very excited to work alongside i360 on this partnership designed to provide the foundation for Republican and Conservative victories in 2014 and beyond.”

Through this partnership, voter contact information gathered by clients of either The Data Trust or i360 can improve the data shared with all clients. For example, if a client of either company conducting voter outreach identifies a voter attribute or preference, clients of the other organization will benefit from that information. As a result, conservative groups and campaigns will have more information about voters at their disposal for their own activities than ever before.

“i360 is excited that through this data sharing partnership, free market organizations will be able to more effectively use data in their voter outreach efforts,” said Michael Palmer, president of i360. “We are confident that this arrangement will allow clients to amplify the impact of their grassroots and direct contact activities.”

About Data Trust

The Data Trust is a premier right-of-center voter file and data management company with a mission to provide the lowest cost, highest quality, and most efficient political data to right-of-center organizations. Its warehouse includes thousands of data points for over 260 million Americans, updated daily and easily accessible in real time through the Data Trust Direct API. The Data Trust has an exclusive list exchange agreement with the Republican National Committee. For more information, please visit http://gopdatatrust.com.

About i360

i360 has developed a comprehensive national data warehouse to support the campaign and advocacy activities of the pro-free-market, public affairs, political and corporate community. As a first of its kind enterprise on the pro-free market side of the aisle, i360’s fully integrated and constantly updated database of over 190+ million active voters and 250+ million US consumers provides hundreds of data points on every American adult that is currently or potentially politically active. In addition, we provide a host of technologies such as grassroots and analytical tools that help our clients understand data and put it to use, effectively. For more information, please visit www.i-360.com.