Case Study: Securing the VA House

2015 was what they call an “off-off” election year in Virginia; a year in which there are no Federal or statewide elections, yet all 100 seats in the House of Delegates and 40 seats in the State Senate are on the ballot. Historically in a 4-year election cycle, the off-off years result in the lowest

Pandora Partners with i360 to Expand Targeting

Campaigns are giving Internet radio providers an earlier look this cycle as companies like Pandora have expanded their ad offerings and are unveiling new data partnerships. To improve its digital ad targeting, Pandora recently partnered with GOP data provider i360 and is now searching out other firms to help grow its segment offerings, according to

Case Study: Electing Senator Dan Sullivan

In the most expensive race per-capita in the nation, Republican Dan Sullivan sought to unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Begich in the midterm election of 2014. To get there, the campaign had two challenging races ahead of them. First, they must win the competitive three-way primary against the popular Lt. Governor and the 2010 GOP

‘Slicing and dicing’: How some U.S. firms could win big in 2016 elections

NEW YORK By one estimate U.S. online political advertising could quadruple to nearly $1 billion in the 2016 election, creating huge opportunities for digital strategy firms eager to capitalize on a shift from traditional mediums like television. These firms – mostly small, partisan and based in Washington and surrounding suburbs – have grown in sophistication

DirecTV, Dish Network to vie for political cash with customized ads

Satellite TV giants DirecTV and Dish Network are looking for a landslide this fall — in political dollars. For the first time, satellite broadcasters will be jockeying with other media outlets for a share of political spending that could top $3 billion this year. They’ve historically been shut out of the avalanche of campaign cash

How Far Can Political Technology Reach?

If you are a living, breathing, voting-age American, the political analytics firm i360 says it has your number. Its database contains more than 250 million individual profiles, basically one for every adult in the country, each of which is scored on a 100-point scale. Zero represents the most partisan Democrat, and 100 the most partisan