Cookie Targeting

i360’s online and offline data communicate to ensure that your digital targeting is always up to date with the latest data – even as political and personal characteristics change. We work with industry-leading match services to onboard and anonymize, at the individual level, more than 60 political, issue and lifestyle segments for display and video targeting so that you can target the same voters you target offline, online. And we invest in keeping those segments updated constantly. This means you can serve meaningful content to responsive audiences. We make these segments available across all of the major DMP and DSP solutions, networks and exchanges.

Data Dictionary

Online segments

From its database of over 230 million American voters and consumers, i360 offers advanced online segments, custom-tailored for the pro-business political and advocacy communities. The segments offered in this document are available separately or in combination, allowing for the most accurate individual level cookie, site and mobile targeting currently available.

Segment Matrix 2.0: Smarter Site Level Targeting

In partnership with comScore, i360 offers a smarter approach to site level targeting by enabling you to identify those sites on which you can most efficiently reach your target audience. With the i360 segments available in comScore Segment Metrix 2.0, you can cross audience demographics, political affiliation, attitudes toward economic and social issues, and other voter characteristics with online behavioral data. Segment Metrix 2.0 can also be used to understand the audience breakdown of specific sites to understand the political make-up of the audience you are currently engaging with. The result: Smarter, more cost-effective, site level advertising for reaching and engaging political audiences.

Addressable Political Satellite Advertising

Through an exclusive partnership with D2 Media Sales, the strategic relationship between DirectTV and Dish, i360 is able to identify households that meet your target criteria and serve ads uniquely to those households – no matter which stations or programs they are watching. With dozens of i360 custom segments pre-matched to more than 20 million DIRECTV and DISH homes, campaigns can now reach the largest addressable TV advertising platform in the nation. One-to-one television targeting combines the emotional impact of TV advertising with the precision and accuracy of direct mail marketing – resulting in the most cost-effective and high impact buying solution.

Data Dictionary

Dish / DirectTV

i360 joined forces with D2 Media Sales, a joint venture between DIRECTV and DISH, to provide voter and issue data for Republican and conservative campaigns. i360’s voter data has been pre-matched to D2’s advertising platform, providing addressable TV advertising to nearly 20 million DIRECTV and DISH satellite households. The arrangement enables you to target your TV ads at the household level using the following segments from the i360 database, focusing ads on the voters you need to win.