Increasing the Efficiency of Your Media Buys

Because of its massive reach and ability to capture individuals’ attention, TV has long dominated the advertising space as one of the most effective and therefore expensive mediums in the industry. But, with limited targeting capabilities, linear TV is also one of  the least efficient advertising medium. Traditional  TV targeting tools are designed for brand advertisers with long-term planning cycles and national appeal, not for politics where precise targeting, quick response time, and efficient use of funds are the foundation of a successful campaign. While the technology to target households with personalized television content has made headway in the form of addressable TV, it has not yet achieved the scale necessary to reach the majority of subscribers.

So, how can you increase the efficiency of your TV buys?

With the introduction of RABBIT EARS, i360 has made building smarter  media plans easier than ever before. Now buyers  can bring the same targeting used for phone, door, and  mail programs to TV for a fully integrated approach! Armed with the knowledge of which dayparts, networks, and programs your target audience (swing voters, GOP Primary voters, Obamacare undecided, etc.)  is most likely to watch, you can not only increase the likelihood of reaching that audience but also find cost efficiencies, eliminate waste, and maximize reach.

How it Works

The RABBIT EARS Schedule Optimization Tool is designed to help media buyers plan and generate schedules using historical custom ratings data.

Too often, major resources are spent on custom audience data that isn’t actionable because it cannot be combined with other ratings data, pricing information, or future and historical schedules and it can’t be imported into industry-standard buying software. Enter RABBIT EARS.

RABBIT EARS solves these issues, closing the gap and helping buyers understand this data in an actionable way. By enabling them to identify and compare which programs, dayparts and networks the target audience is likely to watch, RABBIT EARS facilitates the production of custom audience-informed schedules.

Because there is no substitute for the experience of your media planner, all inputs are fully customizable allowing users the flexibility to set their own preferences. With RABBIT EARS, you can easily set your own point and spot goals, prioritize reach or efficiency, and set daypart or station proportions to create a schedule that is truly one of a kind. And, built on a “bring your own data concept, the tool allows users to import any data they have, design schedules, and export results to the media buying software platforms of their choice. Need help finding the right audience data? i360 can help with that too.

Product Highlights

  • Designed specifically with media agencies and buyers in mind
  • Bring your own data: any audience or ratings data can be loaded into RABBIT EARS
  • Unlimited users, unlimited clients, one price
  • Output exportable into all standard media buying software platforms
  • Schedules can be saved and performance can be tracked over time
  • Reports to ensure your clients get the information they need in a customized format