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Updates, Improvements, and Fixes

iVolunteers: New & Improved




  • Content Templates: Through the iVolunteers template library for Volunteer Sign-Up, Petitions, Online Surveys, Email Officials, and Custom pages, users can now choose the perfect design and layout for their content. Bring variation to each iVolunteers site and optimize for conversions. More than a dozen templates are now available allowing you to make hundreds of different variations by updating the imagery, form fields, and background overlays.


  • Form Fields Required Fields:  You now have full control over the form fields that are displayed on each individual page, as well as which fields are optional and required for submission.


  • Volunteer Sign Up: Users with the permission, “Grassroots: Volunteer Sign Up” can now edit the Volunteer Sign Up page under the grassroots menu. The image, content template, and form fields can be customized based on individual organizations’ needs.


  • Disable Action Email: The triggered email that is sent to each activist after an action is completed can now be disabled for each individual piece of content, giving you more control over the follow-up communication with your activists.


  • Unique URLs: Users will no longer be able to create content with a URL that is already in use. Upon attempting to save a piece of content under a URL that is already associated with an existing iVolunteers page, the user will be prompted to change the URL before proceeding.


  • Share & Recruit For All Content: When creating any new iVolunteers content like a petition or a survey, simply select the option to make it a Share & Recruit card.



  • User States Applied To Events: When you enable State Restrictions & Approvals, the users’ assigned states are applied to their events capabilities. Users will only be able to view, create, edit, and approve events in their assigned states. Additionally, users will only be able to invite event guests based on their assigned states. 


  • Event Invitee De-Duplication:  It is now possible to add an event invitee as a contact, a volunteer, an activist, etc. If users add the same email address more than once using different record type, then those emails will be de-duped before the event invitation is sent and only one record will be added as an invite. This ensures your metrics are straightforward and accurate.


  • Approval Email Referral URL: The hyperlink on the event approval emails will go directly to the specific events rather than the event list page.


  • Approval Email Content: The event approval email will not include more specific information including invitee details and email invitation schedules.


  • Action Icon: When a user views the Event List Page, the exclamation icon will only be highlighted when that user has a pending action.


  • “Approval” Column: For organizations using event approvals, there will be a new column added to the Event List Page to show the status of the event in the approval process.


  • Event Tag Applications: When adding a new tag for an event, users will have the option to choose if the tag should be applied to the event itself or to all the people who were invited to the event.


  • Tooltips on Publish Settings: Hovering your mouse over any of the options on event publish settings will display a tooltip giving specific details about that publish setting.


  • “Created By” Column: New information is displayed on the Event List and Event Review pages displaying the user’s name who created the event.


  • Update Reject & Comment Workflow: When rejecting an event, a pop out will be displayed allowing the user who rejected the event to add an explanatory comment. That comment will be included in the rejection email as well as on the comment section of the Event Dashboard page.


  • Custom Email Notifications: The process to create and edit custom event email notifications has been improved on both the admin page and on the individual event details pages.


  • Event Organizer & Recruiter Layout: The display for selecting event organizers and event recruiters has been improved to make it easier to see which users have been selected.


  • Event Organizer & Recruiter Search: Users can now search for specific organizers or recruiters to add to an event.


  • Event Check-In Permission: Volunteers who are assigned to an event will automatically receive the Event Check-In Permission so they can access those pages in i360 Walk.


  • Add Event Contact to Event Registration Page: The event contact information has been added to the main event registration page in addition to appearing on the confirmation page after a user submits an RSVP.


  • Event Test Email: Users can now preview their invites by sending a test email before publishing the event and sending the invitations.


  • Separate Event Reminder Options: Event reminder emails can be scheduled when the Send Immediately option is selected.
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