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i360’s unrivaled database is a unique combination of hard data points and predictive modeling. Our dataset incorporates extensive political identification, coalition, and membership information in addition to lifestyle and consumer data collected from multiple top-tier providers. Our data is further enhanced by our suite of predictive models, filling in gaps and helping us build the most complete profile for every individual possible.

How does i360's Voter & Consumer Data make winning easier?

i360’s dataset allows you to create highly-specific audiences using numerous demographic, political, and consumer data points. Paired with i360’s suite of voter contact tools, you can reach your target audience wherever they are.


Accuracy matters

i360 independently sources voter data from every state and multi-sources lifestyle and consumer data from top-tier providers prioritizing the accuracy and depth of every profile.

  • Frequently updated from the source of truth: the state voter file
  • Monthly phone updates provide millions of new numbers each month
  • Daily model updates using machine learning
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Turn your data into results

The best data is useless without the right tools to make it actionable. i360’s data powers our extensive suite of grassroots & voter contact tools, making it easy to turn your data into results – all without having to move data between different systems or pay multiple vendors.

  • Reach your voters in the field with i360 Walk, i360 Call, & i360 Text
  • Use our digital segments to ensure you’re reaching the right audience
  • Easily export your target audiences for direct mail
  • Visualize your results with built-in dashboards

Everything you need to run a data-driven effort


Easily define your audience using selectors like age, gender, religion, and more.


From vote history to sentiment on issues, our political dataset is unmatched.


Over 1,000 consumer data points allow you to narrow your search based on indicators like income, marital status, and purchasing habits.

Your Data

We can easily append your existing data to ours, allowing unprecedented insights into your audience or house file.


See how the data is the difference

While many consulting firms and campaigns would have been completely thrown off by the last-minute development, the i360 team didn’t blink an eye. Thanks to them, we were able to use the announcement to our advantage by moving faster than our opponent, developing and executing on a new strategy in no time. The entire process was seamless.

Brett HuberCampaign Manager, Dunleavy for Alaska

Questions answered

Does i360 offer data for polling firms?

i360 provides data for many of the most respected polling firms in the country. Contact us to learn more about our rates and capabilities.

Can I export data from i360 into a spreadsheet?

We make it easy to export data from i360 into .csv files. We even make it easy to household to ensure the file is ready for your mail vendor. For polling firms, we have randomization and framing options as well.

Can I import my own data as well?

Yes! Our user-friendly guided import tool allows you to import data you may already have and append it to existing i360 records or create new records within your own MyData instance. Records that match with i360’s dataset will be enhanced with hundreds of data points. If you have a house file or membership list that you’d like to have analyzed, our Analytics team can create profile reports to help you grow your list or membership.

Is there a list of all data points available?

Please contact us so we can discuss your use case and provide a data dictionary.


Reach your audience wherever they are