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Flexible options for every need.

Every campaign, nonprofit or advocacy organization, and agency is unique, so we’ve designed our plans to meet each of your unique needs.

Data Exports

Ideal for polling and mail firms, our data exports option is billed on a per-record basis with no minimum export requirements.

  • Quickly define your unique audiences using robust search tools
  • Advanced householding and randomization options
  • Built-in NCOA filters

Base Plan

Our most popular option, designed for campaigns, nonprofits, & everything in between.. Flexibility to add & remove add-ons throughout the course of your effort.

  • Includes voter & consumer data for your geography
  • Access to i360 Call & i360 Text (usage fees apply)
  • Integrated CRM, search tools, and analytics
  • Subscription-based with no minimum commitment


Customized for your operation, our enterprise solutions are ideal for consultancies, national organizations, and caucuses.

  • Manage numerous clients, chapters, or districts with advanced controls
  • Share data across child organizations with ease
  • Create custom permission groups

Available Base Plan Add-Ons:

  • Industry-Leading “Smart Routing” Capability
  • Dynamic Scripting
  • Unlimited Volunteer Accounts
  • Precisely target your outreach
  • i360 Affinity Model
  • i360 Voting Propensity Model
Add Emails
  • Add emails to matching contacts in your i360 database.
  • Turn Online Engagement Into Grassroots Action
  • Unlimited Petitions, Surveys, & Landing Pages
  • Custom Branding
  • Use our exclusive grassroots planning tools to build your field plan, optimize universes, and track your progress
  • Run the most data-driven operation using our suite of advanced predictive models
  • AI-powered fraud detection
i360 Connect
  • Help your activists quickly engage with their elected officials about the issues that matter most

Support Packages:


  • 24/7 Help & Training Centers
  • i360 Expert Certification Online Course


  • All Self-Service Offerings PLUS
  • Email Support
  • Live Chat
  • Standard Onboarding
  • Onboarding Call


  • All Basic Offerings PLUS
  • Live Call Scheduling with a Client Services Manager
  • Live Screenshare Training with a Client Services Manager

Political Plans & Pricing FAQ

Why isn't pricing available on the website?

We provide automated pricing when possible, but when not, we work with every prospective client to ensure we can provide the best products & services in a package that’s right for them. Please contact us to get started and we’ll be in touch promptly.

How long does setup take?

Typically, you can expect access to your account within 1-2 business days of signing up. This allows us to define and load your geography, set up database refresh rules, create users, and perform quality assurance checks for the best possible user experience. 

This is my first time using i360 - how fast can I learn the system?

We consistently hear that i360 is the most user-friendly platform on the market. We highly recommend going through the i360 Training Center to view how-to guides, tutorials, and videos on how to make the most of i360. If you want to take it a step further, you can even become an i360 Certified Expert! For those who need more hands-on support, we’re happy to offer Premium Support as an add-on to any subscription plan to provide access to phone and screenshare support.  

What is the length of my subscription?

Just like other subscription services you may use, i360’s Base Plans are on a month-to-month basis. For instance, if you start your subscription on July 15th, your subscription will renew on August 15th – you can set your subscription to not renew anytime within that period. Add-ons can be added and removed at any time, but there is a one-month minimum once an add-on is paid for. Note: Data Export & Enterprise solutions may operate differently.


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