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Trusted by thousands of campaigns, i360 Text enables you to reach your target audience quickly & affordably, without the need to import data from other sources. With hundreds of millions of texts sent through our platform, we have the experience needed to help you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Battle-tested: Over 100 million texts sent.


Quickly define & reach your target audience

With all of your data and tools in one place, you’ll spend less time switching between systems and more time reaching the audience you need to.

  • Quickly define your unique audience in the i360 Portal
  • Build your texting action – including pictures & videos
  • Assign volunteers & start sending texts – all in minutes
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Two-way communication made easy

Once you’ve sent your texts, responses will flow into the i360 Text interface for you to review, respond to, and tag.

  • Voters have questions, you can provide them with answers
  • Tag responses quickly for future list generation
  • Keyword identification helps automate opt-out requests
  • Use the built-in link shortener to track link clicks.

Supercharge your efforts with i360 Text

Increase Voter Contact

Peer-to-peer texting is one of the fastest ways to reach your voters. Need to respond to a negative ad that just dropped? Get your message out in minutes, not hours or days.

Segment Your Universe

Send different messages to different universes using i360’s hundreds of data points to define your custom audience.

Test & Optimize

Quickly set up A/B tests to compare messages and response rates.

Maximize Your Coverage

With i360’s extensive investments in cell phone numbers, matching, and verification, you can be confident you’re reaching as many voters as possible, while maining unmatched deliverability to the right targets.

Full-Featured Peer-to-Peer Texting:

Send Pictures & Videos

Include multimedia in your texts to increase engagement and message recall.

Automatic Link Tracking

With i360 Text, links are automatically shortened and tracked. Monitor your results with ease in the i360 Portal.

Preset & Custom Replies

Include pre-approved replies to common responses or send custom responses, allowing you to communicate with your audience with ultimate flexibility.

No Need to Import Data

Since i360 Text is fully integrated within the i360 platform and unmatched database, creating audiences is easy and requires no external data.

Unlimited Senders

Create as many volunteers as you would like to help you send your message out.

No Volunteers? No Problem.

With Full Service Texting, we can get your message out quickly without volunteers from your team. Available at an additional cost of $0.01/send.

Fundraising Made Easier

With i360’s Donor Model, 360-View CRM, and integrated outreach tools, i360 Text is the perfect addition to your fundraising toolbox.

Local Area Codes

Ensure your audience opens your message using local area codes – available at no additional charge using i360 Text.

Unlimited Custom Tags

Tag respondents based on their replies using an unlimited number of custom tags that can then be searched in i360 Portal.

Automatic Landline Scrubbing

With i360’s robust database of voters and phone numbers, landlines are automatically scrubbed from your audience.

Free Incoming Responses

Why should you be charged to hear what your audience thinks? Incoming replies are always free.

Remove Already Voted

Since i360 already acquires and ingests the daily absentee and early vote file*, your audience can automatically be scrubbed of voters who have already cast their ballots, saving time and money.

*Subject to availability and local laws.

See how i360 Text makes a difference

i360 Text was the perfect supplement to our campaign outreach. With a limited number of volunteers and funds, we needed a way to contact voters quickly without losing the personal element of one-on-one contact. i360 Text was that solution.

Matt Caldwell Campaign


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Questions answered

How much does i360 Text cost?

Access to i360 Text is offered as part of our base subscription package and is subject to usage-based pricing. To obtain pricing, please click here and provide your information so we can share a precise quote.


Reach the right audience every time