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i360 maintains a database of all 270+MM US adults.  Your customers are in there – and so are your future customers – let us help you find them.

i360’s team of data scientists specializes in the application of advanced AI/Machine Learning to predict outcomes in big data and reveal opportunities for business optimizations. Through a combination of methods including supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning, natural language processing, and expert systems, i360 helps our clients translate their data into meaningful insights and outcomes.

How can i360 help you increase your customer base?

Using data points from our extensive database combined with collected data, i360 can predict an individual’s likelihood to purchase a product, redeem a coupon, or respond to one media channel vs another helping you better target the customers you haven’t even thought to reach out to yet.


Gain insights into customer behavior

Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and hundreds of dynamic variables, i360’s predictive modeling provides unprecedented insight into consumer behavior empowering businesses and campaigns alike to target new audiences with unmatched precision.

  • Advanced Data Mining Techniques
  • Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • Coupling direct response data and ensembling multiple advanced machine-learning algorithms
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Have a specific audience in mind? Haven't been able to reach them. We can help!

At i360 we work with businesses all the time to develop models that answer the questions most important to them and their business. From the start, our team will work with you to ensure we acquire the most useful data from a representative sample to train and validate every model.

  • Liklihood to have interest in a specific product or brand
  • Product & Inventory Demand
  • 40+ Pre-matched Lifestyle and Issue Segments available for Immediate Targeting

Reach your target audience

Scores from either our pre-matched segments or custom built models are easily integrateable with  all major DMP and DSP solutions, networks and exchanges helping you reach your audience efficiently and effectively.

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See how we transform data into actionable strategy