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We created i360 Action to help campaigns and organizations make it easy for their supporters to take action. Whether they have five minutes to sign a petition or half an hour to make calls, your supporters can now do it all from one central location!

How does i360 Action make winning easier?

Easily turn online engagement into grassroots action using landing pages, surveys, & GOTV tools.


Make it your own

No need to disrupt the user-experience – our fully customizable webpages mean you can make your action center look just like your website.

  • Your logo
  • Your brand colors
  • Your layout
  • Your action center
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Get in sync

With proprietary automatic matching, activists are instantly matched to the i360 national database and stored in your database – reducing duplicate contact records and ensuring you can see the full picture of your online engagement.


Choose the tools you need

Landing Pages

Quickly deploy custom landing pages to collect signups and build your lists. Built-in volunteer creation streamlines the process of activating your signups.

Online Petitions

Make it easy for your supporters to take action. Create, customize, publish and manage online petitions in no time. Increase your email & texting opt-ins while building your house file.

Custom Surveys
Conduct online surveys to collect more information about your supporters and what might help move them to action. Tags are automatically applied to make searching easy.
3rd Party Integrations

Leverage our pre-existing integrations and pass signups straight through to your email marketing system in real-time.

Social Sharing
Ask your supporters to help grow your network by sharing content & calls-to-action on social media or email. Track their conversations at the individual and aggregate levels.
Online Tracking

Easily embed pixels to track visitor paths and actions to inform optimizations, strategy, and advertising.

Integrated Photo Editing

Don’t waste time editing photos in complicated programs. Upload and edit your photos in seconds for optimal display with our online editing tool.


Reach the right audience every time