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i360 CALL


Our predictive dialer calls your specific, targeted universe of landlines & cell phones from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop using our proprietary algorithms that automatically adjust call volume based on the number of volunteers calling and voters answering – maximizing your time and budget.

The power dialer is designed for times where you may only have one or two volunteers making calls but you still want to dial multiple voters at a time.

With i360, you can choose the dialer option that is right for your use case on each individual survey. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for volunteers to collect data & enter notes, all of which is seamlessly integrated with the i360 Portal.

i360 Call

What makes i360 Call different?

Powered by advanced algorithms, i360 Call is a true predictive dialer with the option to also power dial. i360 Call scales with your voter contact operation as you grow.


Time is your most precious resource

Our proprietary algorithm enables us to optimize dialing so your callers spend less time waiting for targeted voters to answer and more time collecting the data that could mean the difference for your campaign.

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Easy to use

i360 Call’s user-friendly design makes it easy for volunteers young and old to start reaching your target audience.

  • Increase volunteer morale & retention
  • Frequently updated music choices between calls
  • Battle-tested by tens of thousands of volunteers

Dial into results

Reach Cells & Landlines

With home phone ownership on the decline and mobile usage at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever that you be able to reach people on the go. With i360 Call, you can.

Customized Scripts

Fully customize your script to collect the data you need. Branching logic allows you to ask follow-up questions based on the preceding answer.

Email Collection

Collect email addresses to quickly build your list – all without leaving the app.

In-App Training

New volunteers? No problem. Our in-app training guides turn them into expert callers in no time.


See how i360 Call makes winning easier

Using i360 Call, Jim was able to take advantage of the benefits offered by a national campaign technology without losing the level of personal connection so important to local elections. Over the past 20 years, he’s built relationships with the residents of Rock Hill and knew they’d want to hear from him personally and he was able to deliver that.

Chris SlickConsultant, Jim Reno for City Council

Questions answered

How much does i360 Call cost?

Access to i360 Call is part of our subscription offering. To obtain pricing, please click here and provide your information so we can share a precise quote.

How many volunteers can use i360 Call?

An unlimited number of volunteers can use i360 Call at one time. In fact, your call efficiency will go up as more volunteers are on the system.

Does i360 Call use our volunteers phone plan minutes?

i360 Call makes calls within the app, which does not use any phone plan minutes. If a volunteer is on their cellular data network instead of WiFi, they may incur data charges.

Is i360 Call available for commercial/sales uses?

State and federal regulations prohibit the use of voter data for commercial purposes, so we only offer i360 Call for non-commercial purposes.


Reach the right audience every time