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Designed for ease of use and efficiency, the i360 Portal is the key to unlocking your data, understanding your audiences, and building deeper relationships with your contacts. Easily create custom audiences using hundreds of variables, import & export data, manage your contacts, create surveys, and visualize your results – all within one platform.

How does the i360 Portal make winning easier?

Built with the latest technology and powered by i360’s superior data, the i360 Portal enables even novice users to identify, target, and reach the individuals they need, when they need to.


Access your data and tools in one place

With all of your data and tools in one place, you’ll open less time switching between systems and more time reaching the audience you need to.

  • The i360 Portal is powered by i360’s Voter & Consumer Data – giving you access to an unrivaled dataset
  • Easily build custom audiences using our robust search tools
  • Import your existing lists to instantly match them with our datasets
  • Request email appends to help build your list
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Scale your relationships

Whether you’re managing mass communications like direct mail or contacting donors one-on-one, you can do it all through the i360 Portal.

  • See the full picture with detailed contact records
  • Call, text, and email your contacts right from the CRM
  • Add custom tags & notes for easy searching

Understand your data through powerful reporting and data visualization

Every communication run through the i360 Portal or our grassroots apps is tracked and measured through real-time dashboard – saving you from hours of building spreadsheets.

  • Breakdown your results by volunteer, survey, and more
  • Get unprecedented insights into the best times to call & knock
  • Visualize your results with dynamic charts
  • Prevent fraud with our AI-driven Performance Dashboard
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Winning has never been easier

Define Your Audience

Use our Basic, Advanced, & Map Search tools to identify the audience you need using hundreds of data points.

Manage Your Data

Look up, tag, and add notes to anyone in your database. Easily manage your volunteers or members.

Reach Your Targets

Build custom surveys, create landing pages, and send texts, all in one platform.

See Your Results

Built-in dashboards take the pain out of your drilling into your field & digital results.

Unlimited Volunteers

Create as many volunteer accounts as you need so your supporters can access our grassroots tools.

Extensive Training Options

No matter your learning style, we have training options that will help you become an expert user in no time.

Easy List Generation

Whether you need a phone or mail list, the i360 Portal makes it easy to get what you need.

Industry Leading Security

The i360 Portal is SOC 2 certified, demonstrating our commitment to keep your data safe.


Questions answered

How much does the i360 Portal cost?

To obtain pricing, please click here and provide your information so we can share a precise quote.

Can I bring outside data into i360 portal?

Absolutely. Importing outside data into the i360 Portal is easy and convenient. Additionally, our proprietary matching processes ensure your data is as complete as possible.

What kind of training is available?

No matter your learning style, we have training that will fit your needs. The i360 Training Center has comprehensive how-to guides, tutorials, and videos on how to make the most of i360. If you want to take it a step further, you can even become an i360 Certified Expert! For those who need more hands-on support, we’re happy to offer Premium Support as an add-on to any subscription plan to provide access to phone and screen share support.  

How many users can I have?

We allow an unlimited number of volunteer accounts to use our grassroots apps like i360 Call, i360 Walk, and i360 Text. The number of administrative users is set by your specific plan and is flexible to meet your needs.


Reach the right audience every time