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Winning by 401 votes

By partnering with a one-stop solution, Wake GOP eliminated the need to partner with multiple…
Portal v4 Dashboard

Winning Made Easier with i360 Portal v4

Learn how i360’s Portal v4 makes winning easier with our fully-integrated platform.
Population Data and party registration states current

Interstate Migration Moves the Needle in Politics

The past three years in politics brought about sea changes and upsets across the US.…
i360 and top 10 Wealthiest Zip codes

A Peek into America’s Prosperous Pockets: Top 10 Wealthiest zip codes in the USA

Ever wondered where wealth whispers its secrets? Using i360's custom proprietary income model, we have…

New York Exodus Begins to Slow Down

Covid-19 drove a mass exodus from many large cities in America, particularly New York—the epicenter…
Holiday Gift-Giving Expectations in the Era of Inflation

Unwrapping Truths:

Tis the Season. How is inflation reshaping holiday gift-giving expectations? Our data science team has…
US Inflation Forecasting with i360

Beyond the Turkey:

How much should a typical American family budget for the Thanksgiving feast this year? i360’s…
Sports betting with i360 Consumer Pulse

The “March” to Legalized Sports Betting

As states legalize online sports betting, the market continues to grow. But whose dollars are…
Recession expectations with i360 Consumer Pulse

Recession or Not?

Is a recession coming our way? The Wall Street Journal recently polled academic and business…
i360 and payment apps demographics

Cash App’s Targeting Tactics Sparks Fraud Allegations

Cash App's user base deviates from industry norms, with a higher proportion of female users…
Interest Rate expectations with i360

To Buy or Not to Buy: A Homebuying Dilemma That Makes Shakespearean Tragedies Look Simple

As housing inventory remains low and interest rates steadily climb, it's no surprise that consumers…
Starlink Users from i360 Consumer Pulse

Do Starlink’s Users Fit Its Mission?

Founded by Elon Musk, Starlink is a satellite-based internet service provided by SpaceX. Starlink's mission…