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Accurate. Actionable. Affordable.


Leveraging our industry-leading nationwide consumer database, i360 interviews over 500,000 Americans per year to help innovative clients conduct accurate, actionable, and affordable market and audience research.

Verified respondents, multi-mode sampling

i360 deploys mixed-mode sampling to reach hard-to-survey demographic groups and requires 100% identity verification of every respondent we interview.

More data, better insights

i360’s industry-leading voter and consumer database (encompassing 270 million+ American adults) adds hundreds of proprietary attitudinal and behavioral variables to your research toolkit.

Interactive data is actionable data

Explore your survey results in our interactive analytics platform, which allows clients to compare subgroups, measure change over time, run stat testing, and share results on-demand.

The Process:


Survey Design

i360’s survey research team translates your research questions and goals into a robust survey design and questionnaire for your feedback and approval.


Sample Collection

Our in-house sampling team programs the client-approved questionnaire, deploys your survey, monitors fielding quotas, and performs AI-assisted quality checks on incoming data.


Actionable Insights

Leveraging cutting-edge statistical techniques and the power of the i360 database, our analysts identify actionable key findings and data-backed insights to quickly answer your pressing research questions.

Big Insights from Small Geographies

i360 Meridian

i360 Meridian combines large sample survey collection, cutting-edge data science, and our industry-leading database of all 270 million American adults to estimate consumer trends at small geographic levels (zip codes, media markets, etc.) across any demographic group of interest.

  • Accurate survey data for anyone, anywhere
  • Cost-effective and timely insights
  • Actionable demographic analysis
i360 Meridian
i360 Persuasion Meter
Measure the Impact of your Advertising

i360 Persuasion Meter

Cost-effective and scientifically rigorous solution for creative testing, analyzes the persuasive impact of your ads in 24-48 hours.

  • Customizable insights
  • Swift and cost-effective
  • ROI booster
Success Stories

See how we drive impact for our clients

Through the survey i360 was able to identify 13.5 million potential new customers for Unicorn showing the potential growth in market share was larger than expected.

Unicorn, Executive

5 Days

Turnaround Time


New Customers

Quality Data Makes The Difference

See how we transform data into actionable strategy