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Understand Your Audience

Designed for ease of use and efficiency, the i360 Portal is the key to unlocking your data, understanding your audiences, and building deeper relationships with your contacts. Easily create custom audiences using hundreds of variables, import & export data, manage your contacts, create surveys, and visualize your results.

i360’s unrivaled database is a unique combination of hard data points and predictive modeling. Our dataset incorporates extensive political identification, coalition, and membership information in addition to lifestyle and consumer data collected from multiple top-tier providers.

At i360, the data — not assumptions — drives our predictive models. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and hundreds of dynamic variables, i360’s predictive modeling provides unprecedented insight into voter behavior, empowering campaigns to target audiences with unmatched precision.

Reach Your Audience

Our predictive dialer calls your specific, targeted universe of landlines & cell phones from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop using our proprietary algorithms that automatically adjust call volume based on the number of volunteers calling and voters answering – maximizing your time and budget.

Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, i360 Walk offers real-time directions and streamlined data collection while optimizing routes for ultimate efficiency. i360 Walk utilizes fully-customizable surveys with dynamic scripting and ordering logic and provides household information for volunteers to survey any voter in the home.

Trusted by thousands of campaigns, i360 Text enables you to reach your target audience quickly & affordably, without the need to import data from other sources. With hundreds of millions of texts sent through our platform, we have the experience needed to help you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Visualize Your Data & Expand Your Reach

With real-time activity monitoring, data aggregation, and custom dashboards, our team of analysts is dedicated to creating visualizations, reports, and dashboards that work for you. And we don’t stop there.

i360 can take any offline voter or consumer audience and provide direct matching to all digital media buying platforms. Whether it is social or programmatic, i360 can quickly onboard audiences online and provide unparalleled targeting for your media campaigns.

In today’s busy world, many prospective volunteers find themselves unable to dedicate the amount of time required by many volunteer activities and therefore end up not volunteering at all. We created i360 Action to fix this problem and help campaigns and organizations make it easy for their advocates to take action.

Help your activists quickly engage with their elected officials about the issues that matter most using i360 Connect, which integrates seamlessly with i360 Action.

Unlike other event management solutions, with i360 Events, part of i360 Action, you control the branding. No more 3rd party branding or temptations to navigate to other organizations’ events. Featuring seamless integration with the i360 Portal, all your event data is hosted in one place so you can put it to use.

Provide a resource for your target voters to request absentee ballot applications, find early voting locations and find Election Day polling places.


Reach the right audience every time