i360 sits on the bleeding edge of technology, delivering innovative products and services through the strategic use of data, software and analytics.  i360’s dual customer base of political organizations and commercial clients presents us with a unique variety of business requirements that drive faster innovation and encourage cross-application of practices between verticals.

Founded in 2009, i360 originally sought to fill the innovation gap between campaigns and organizations that promote free market candidates and causes and their opponents.  By creating a comprehensive data resource of all voting Americans, i360’s goal was to raise the quality of data and increase the access to it for all groups as well as to create the tools to enable them to effectively put that data to use.

Over the years, we’ve invested in building a closed-loop suite of grassroots technology that integrates seamlessly with our action management system, set the standard for predictive models, brought digital and television targeting to new levels and introduced real-time analytics all while driving down costs and raising the bar for quality products and services in the industry.

Our success in the political space inspired us to adapt our capabilities for application in the commercial space. In doing so, we’ve helped our clients in both channels target and segment their customers with predictive modeling, make data-based business decisions through consumer research and identification, identify patterns in Big Data to forecast future opportunities and bring precision and accountability to their online and TV targeting strategies.

LIFE AT i360

We believe we are helping to truly make a difference through our dedication and commitment to our clients’ success. It is this shared belief and desire to be part of something bigger that makes our employees so passionate about what they do. And this passion unites us – inspiring us to work harder, challenge ourselves and drive innovation.

Because of this, the i360 work environment is one of collaboration and we encourage our staff to work across teams as no one part of i360 can be successful without the integration and resources of the others. Our philosophy is simple: the more our employees know about how i360 works in its entirety, the better equipped they are to present ideas and disrupt processes for the ultimate improvement and innovation of our products and company.

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