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i360 WALK


i360 Walk offers real-time directions and streamlined data collection while optimizing routes for ultimate efficiency. i360 Walk utilizes fully-customizable surveys with dynamic scripting and ordering logic and provides household information for volunteers to survey any voter in the home. In addition to mobile canvassing, i360 Walk includes a voter lookup tool to tag and survey voters on the fly and an Event Check-In feature to organize events and track attendance.

i360 Walk

How does i360 Walk give you a competitive advantage?

Built with the latest technology and powered by i360’s superior data the i360 Portal enables even novice users to identify, target, and reach the individuals they need, when they need to.


Always know what to say

You get the best results when you’re talking about issues that matter to your voters. Thanks to our dynamic scripting functionality, your canvassers are prepared for anything. No matter who answers the door, your volunteers can greet them with a custom script written specifically for them.

  • Completely customize your script
  • Voters are tagged with responses automatically
  • Add notes & email addresses
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All your data in one place

Like all of i360’s grassroots tools, i360 Walk features seamless integration with our other products. That means any data collected by your volunteers in the field is automatically transferred to the i360 Portal for immediate reporting and analysis.

  • Breakdown your results by volunteer, coordinator, survey, and more
  • Visualize your results with dynamic charts
  • Prevent fraud with our AI-driven Performance Dashboard

Turn your data into results

Custom Scripts

Fully customize your script to collect the data you need. Branching logic allows you to ask follow-up questions based on the preceding answer.

Dynamic Scripting

You get the best results when you’re talking about issues that matter to your voters. Deliver different scripts based on voter attributes – even within the same household.

Proprietary Routing

Our advanced routing means your volunteers will be able to knock in the most efficient order, saving time and increasing results.

Turn-by-Turn Directions

With integrated directions, your canvassers won’t waste time navigating between targets. A satellite view helps volunteers know what to expect in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Unlimited Volunteers

Create as many volunteer accounts as you need so your supporters can access our grassroots tools.

Voter Lookup

Meet someone at an event that wants a yard sign? Use i360 Walk to lookup voters to tag, add notes, or create volunteer accounts on the spot.

In-App Training

New volunteers? No problem. Our in-app training guides will have them knocking on doors in no time.

Offline Mode

Cell signal issues aren’t an issue for i360 Walk. Progress is saved on the user’s device and uploaded when cell signal is restored, making sure you don’t lose any data.


See how we drive impact for our clients

“In my experience of having volunteers use other walk apps, there were many instances where I would lose volunteers for reasons such as the walk app crashing and all data getting lost. Because we had a late start and rapidly approaching primary and general election, we needed the most efficient system that would maximize our volunteer engagement and i360 was that system.”

Brian SwensenDeputy Campaign Manager, Marco Rubio for Senate




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Questions answered

How much does i360 Walk cost?

Access to i360 Walk is offered as an add-on to our base subscription package. To obtain pricing, please click here and provide your information so we can share a precise quote.

How many volunteers can use i360 Walk?

An unlimited number of volunteers can use i360 Walk at any time with no additional cost.

What kind of training is available?

For administrators, our industry-leading training center will help you become an expert on building walk surveys & scripts in no time. For your volunteers, in-app training guides & videos get them up and running quickly.

I already have a list of voters. Can I reach them using i360 Walk?

Access to i360’s voter & consumer data is included in every subscription. If you already have voter data of your own, we make it easy to import it and pair it with our existing dataset.

Is i360 Walk available for commercial/sales uses?

State and federal regulations prohibit the use of voter data for commercial purposes, so we only offer i360 Call for non-commercial purposes.


Reach the right audience every time