Impact Media Professionals: Running Multiple Campaigns at Scale


Flexibility and control for numerous grassroots efforts

Impact Media Professionals (IMP) is a Michigan-based political consulting firm that works with conservative candidates & organizations up and down the ballot. Heading into the 2020 election cycle, the firm knew effectively leveraging data and technology would be more important than ever.

In past cycles, IMP had used other data and technology platforms but found they were consistently outdated and unreliable. Additionally, the firm wasn’t provided with the flexibility and control they needed to manage the tools for the numerous grassroots efforts they were overseeing.

i360 has been a critical component of our strategy and we are constantly finding new ways to leverage their data and drive our return on investment. i360 has easily paid for itself ten times over with the time and money it has saved our campaigns.

Dave StaudtFounder & Principal, Impact Media Professionals

Leveraging the full i360 product suite

With this challenge in mind, Impact Media Professionals reached out to i360. After talking with an i360 client strategist and walking through the i360 product suite, the firm’s leadership found that i360 far outperformed other vendors the firm had previously used. Not only was i360’s data more accurate and up-to-date, they now had access to data points and models that other providers didn’t.

A key requirement for IMP was having a platform where they could manage the data and grassroots efforts for all of their clients without having to deal with numerous logins, vendors, or constant importing & exporting. i360 was able to provide this functionality right out of the box with an enterprise setup that allowed IMP to create volunteers, call surveys, and walkbooks for each campaign while still keeping each client’s efforts siloed-off from the others.

IMP found that i360 Call’s predictive dialer brought efficiency and scale to their campaigns that they’d never had before. i360 Text allowed them to quickly follow up after sending out mailers, and the i360 Portal allowed them to easily overlay their donor & fundraising data with their voter data to identify additional insights.

Additionally, i360’s daily ingestion of absentee voting data allowed IMP to save resources by removing those who had already cast ballots from mail & voter contact universes, as well as identifying trends by utilizing an Absentee Voting Dashboard to help inform their strategy during that critical campaign phase.

These solutions have allowed the partnership between i360 and IMP to flourish during the 2020 cycle and beyond.

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