Rep. LaTurner: Using Data & Digital


Keeping in touch with the district

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the district is a top priority for Rep. Jake LaTurner and his office. To that end, upon taking office in 2021, Rep. LaTurner’s team set out to build a communications operation that could engage constituents not only in their mailboxes but also through digital methods and peer-to-peer texting.


Easy to use, integrated platform

Upon evaluating vendors for constituent data, Rep. LaTurner’s office found only i360 offered a full suite of ready-to-use predictive models and a user-friendly interface to identify and communicate with specific audiences. Additionally, i360’s ability to instantly push custom audiences to digital advertising platforms fulfilled a core requirement of the office’s communications strategy.

Using i360’s built-in predictive models, the team was able to easily define universes of constituents based on the issues they cared about and quickly deploy mail, texts, and digital ads to engage with them. Automatically scrubbing the list using dynamic address data saved time when it came to mailings, while i360’s constantly updated repository of cell phone data ensured they were reaching the right constituent with unmatched deliverability.

Rep. LaTurner’s office found that using i360’s digital segments led to a significantly higher match rate, specifically on Facebook, when compared to utilizing other lists or matching options. Additionally, Facebook’s native targeting limits targeting based on political issues & ideology, gaps i360’s segments were able to fill seamlessly.


Efficient, data-driven communications

Rep. LaTurner’s partnership with i360 has proven to be valuable as the office stays connected with residents of Kansas’s 2nd Congressional District using dynamically updated constituent data. As of this writing, the office has delivered 315,000 pieces of mail, 200,000 text messages, and 3.7 million digital impressions and looks forward to using i360 for the 2023-2024 session and beyond.


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