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Enhance your media campaigns

i360 can take any offline voter or consumer audience and provide direct matching to all digital media buying platforms. Whether it is social or programmatic, i360 can quickly onboard audiences online and provide unparalleled targeting for your media campaigns.

Political Advertising

Using i360's Digital Segments, voters were targeted with specific digital ads that reinforced the message delivered at the door, over the phone, and by text.

Wake County GOP: Winning by 401 votes

Take grassroots efforts online

With more than 120 political, issue, and lifestyle segments for display and video targeting, you can serve meaningful content to responsive audiences, and target the same voters you target offline, online. Using the i360 Portal, build custom audiences from doors, phones, and Action Center data, or use i360 data to quickly achieve highly targetable digital campaigns.

  • Demographics
  • Partisanship and Issue Models
  • Vote History and Absentee/Early Voters

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The Data Is The Difference

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