Wake County GOP: Building a Data-Driven Ground Game with i360


Unreliable existing data & technology

Going into the final months of the cycle, Wake GOP leaders knew they could no longer rely on existing infrastructure and needed to build a ground game that could accomplish five critical goals:

  1. Provide every endorsed candidate with a voter contact system that would be scalable and provide real-time, actionable metrics to inform their strategy while reducing duplication of efforts.
  2. Reach different universes of voters with targeted messages across every medium: at the door, by phone, over text, on social media, digital ads, mail, and TV.
  3. Identify and build relationships with voters who had sporadic vote history and turn them out.
  4. Preserve down-ballot support among voters who were ticket-splitters.
  5. Encourage supporters to vote early or absentee in order to conserve resources ahead of Election Day.
A screenshot showing a custom i360 dashboard built for the Wake County GOP.

Empower volunteers and activists in the field, and monitor results in real-time

Leaders used standard and custom dashboards to view real-time metrics and results, identify trends, and quickly reallocate critical resources as Election Day neared.

Daily Toplines & Grassroots View dashboards provided both high-level and detailed data on volunteer activity and individual level results, eliminating the need to create time consuming spreadsheets like they previously had to.

Additionally, charts within the Grassroots View dashboard populated to identify optimal times for voter contact based on past performance, which was utilized to efficiently schedule volunteers. Another dashboard allowed leadership to see which precincts were being covered at what time, allowing volunteer deployments to be assigned to the areas they were needed most.



Overall, i360 increased efficiency and saved both volunteer resources and party funds while fulfilling Wake GOP’s needs by make over 100,000 highly targeted voter contacts in a short period of time.




vote margin of victory

We partnered with i360 late in the 2020 cycle after being dissatisfied with our existing data and technology options. i360 had us up and running in under a day, including setting up our custom region geographies, region coordinator accounts, and dynamic scripts. Within a week, we were utilizing the i360 Deep Dive as a tool to inform our targeting and ground game, digital segments for our target universes, and real-time analytics to see which messages were sticking with which audiences. All of this proved to be the difference when Chief Justice Paul Newby won by a narrow 401 vote margin. Had it not been for i360 and the Wake GOP volunteers, I am confident Paul Newby would not be Chief Justice of North Carolina today. Thank you, i360!

Donna WilliamsChair, Wake GOP
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