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Consumers believe jobs to be plentiful?

About i360’s Consumer Pulse: The Consumer Pulse asks 1,000, of the 2.5 million US adult panelists, over 150 questions daily. Questions center around key topics such as economy, lifestyle, real estate, automotive, shopping, employment, political opinions, and more.


i360 consulted our Consumer Pulse Survey to see how Americans are feeling about the job market today. Per the graph below, since March, consumers have rated employment conditions positively reporting that jobs have become increasingly plentiful. While the growth has slowed (consistent with the most recent jobs report), it continues show Americans are still optimistic about job availability.

While Consumers perceptions of employment availability was on the rise, so too was Inflation hitting their pocketbooks (CPI’s Service Less Rent of Shelter is shown below). Coming out of the Jackson Hole meeting, Fed Watchers will have their eyes on both these Indicators and their relationship as the Fed’s dual mandate plays out over the coming weeks and months.

Thanks to our comprehensive database containing thousands of attributes about each individual, we also analyze this data among various subgroups of the population looking for anomalies and insights that might otherwise not be apparent. For instance, as the graphs below illustrate, more older Americans are confident that jobs are plentiful than the 18-29 year old subgroup where only about half think jobs are plentiful.

When broken down by census region, we see that approximately 70% of people in the Midwest think jobs are plentiful while only 56% of people in the south feel the same.

When coupled with our customers’ unique understanding of their businesses, this granular-level data becomes exponentially more powerful.

Our customers use our daily read on employment perceptions as well as other sentiments we track to glean valuable insights and make informed, data-driven decisions.

This is just one of many questions included in i360’s Consumer Pulse survey and we are monitoring the responses daily.

Disclosure: The information in these blog posts, based on i360’s Consumer Pulse, is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice on any matter.


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