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CENSAI: Data-driven insights for real estate

Powered by i360’s Population & Migration Data, the CENSAI app offers unparalleled insights into real estate markets. Discover, explore, and follow trends across the U.S. in virtually real time.

  • Hyper-localized data at the building level.
  • Data refreshes every quarter.
  • Intuitive search options.
  • Raw data accuracy.

Leverage the industry’s largest population database

Market Search

Interested in a particular market? Build comprehensive reports based on population trends, demographic breakdowns, and other custom features. Make a list of look-alike markets using CENSAI’s unique insights.

Trend Search

Looking for your next market? Create custom search queries that return a subset of markets meeting your criteria. CENSAI lets you alter parameters including inflow and outflow percentages, wealth trends, and income.

Residential Search

Want to know the health of a residential property? CENSAI’s residential search feature drills down to specific buildings. Harness core insights such as tenant demographics, turnover, and market comparisons.

Know the real estate market like never before

CENSAI data is available at multiple levels: building, zip code, county, CBSA, and state*. Updates happen every quarter with the release of i360’s Population & Migration Data.


Evaluate market trends and observe future projections four quarters out. CENSAI uses historical migration data and machine-learning models to predict inflows, outflows, and net migration across the country. It’s all in the quarterly Market Report.


Identify opportunities to raise rent in real estate markets across the nation. The Affordability Index analyzes the relationship between income levels and rental markets. CENSAI’s affordability scores make data interpretation easy.


Differentiate between hot and cold markets. The Investability Index is built on observed trends such as sustained population growth, sustained income growth, demand for housing, and crime rate.

Above and Beyond Census Data

Explore how CENSAI brings value to real estate investment strategies.