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About i360’s Consumer Pulse: The Consumer Pulse asks 1,000, of the 2.5 million US adult panelists, over 150 questions daily. Questions center around key topics such as economy, lifestyle, real estate, automotive, shopping, employment, political opinions, and more.

Get the Pulse of Consumer Behavior—Daily

The last three years were some of the most volatile times for financial markets.

Covid lockdowns, closed schools, bailouts, handouts, supply chain whipsaws, crypto boom/busts, war, inflation, MEME Stocks, money printing, and election denial are just a few of the events we witnessed.

i360 measured the pulse of the US every day during this turbulent time. The Consumer Pulse asks 1,000 new people over 150 questions daily. Questions center around key themes such as economy, lifestyle, real estate, automotive, shopping, media consumption, tech purchasing, political opinions. Our 2.5 million US Adult panelists are all verified to our database of the 270+ million US adult consumers and then statistically weighted to ensure representation of the US adult population. Our survey’s large sample and statistical robustness is a key differentiator on the market.

Consumer Pulse Trend Report

From today, you can have topline daily trends and key alerts regarding changes in this data directly at your fingertips. We just released a Consumer Pulse Trend Report that allows you quickly and intuitively browse the data and view it historically, easily flagging changing trends in key topic areas to give you as a user real-time intelligence on consumer sentiment in the rapidly changing daily environment we live. The digital platform includes 3 years of data and over 150 public companies. In volatile times, you need to have your Pulse on the consumer.

Consumer Pulse Trend Report

Book a 15 min demo today to see how you can harness i360 Pulse data to make more informed investment decisions, find solid entry points, and improve your data-driven investment process. This small investment can have a major impact on your P&L.

Disclosure: The information in these blog posts, based on i360’s Consumer Pulse, is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice on any matter.


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