i360 + San Diego Republican Party: Managing Local Campaigns at Scale

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Working with limited funds and short on time

After their experiences with other vendors during the 2018 election cycle, the San Diego GOP needed to find a scalable and effective solution to provide data, analytics, and voter contact tools to the candidates running in local races across the county.

With the importance of local elections and the desire to work with one vendor instead of contracting with multiple to fulfill their data and technology needs, having a one-stop solution was key. Other options the party considered were outdated and not cost-effective, besides having a history of working with their opponents, which created data integrity concerns.

Ultimately, the party chose i360 and implemented an enterprise-level database setup. This allowed the admin team within the party to oversee and manage the data needs of numerous campaigns while giving individual control to each campaign’s team within their respective geographies. California’s complex local election boundaries often create hurdles for campaigns and organizations. However, i360’s data management platform, i360 Portal, allowed the San Diego GOP to easily build lists, surveys, and run analyses across their various geographies.

i360’s analytical capabilities also enabled the party to provide precinct-level guidance, turnout projections, and targeting universes to each campaign while tracking performance and benchmarks in real-time dashboards without having to import and export data across multiple platforms, saving countless hours that could instead be spent on critical voter contact.

By Election Day, the party had made hundreds of thousands of voter contacts through the i360 platform, resulting in successful victories across San Diego County.

i360 was critical to our success in California in 2020. The other options we've used in the past limited how much we could work hand-in-hand with our local candidates and took control away from us. I'd recommend them to any campaign or organization not just in California, but nationwide.

Jordan GasconExecutive Director, San Diego GOP
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