Oakland County Republican Party: Driving Event Turnout with i360 Text

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What you'll learn in this case study:

In this case study, we examine how the Oakland County Republican Party partnered with i360 to achieve record-breaking ticket sales for their annual Lincoln Day Dinner. By leveraging i360 Text’s advanced features and capabilities, the party successfully engaged with their target audience, increased event visibility, and achieved unprecedented results.


  1. Increase ticket sales for the annual Lincoln Day Dinner.
  2. Improve event visibility and engagement within the target audience.
  3. Leverage text messaging to deliver personalized, compelling communications at a low cost.


Data-Driven Targeting:

The Oakland County Republican Party harnessed i360’s AI-powered predictive models and extensive demographic & behavioral data to identify individuals most likely to be interested in the event.

Personalized Messaging:

OCRP crafted personalized text messages tailored to each recipient’s interests and previous engagement history. The ease of creating different texting campaigns within i360 allowed for optimizing messages to resonate with recipients and inspire action.

Timely Reminders and Updates:

Beyond just the initial ticket sale, OCRP used i360 Text to communicate with attendees about important event details such as parking and new guest speakers.


Record-Breaking Ticket Sales:

Leveraging i360 Text’s capabilities, the Oakland County Republican Party achieved record-breaking ticket sales for the annual Lincoln Day Dinner. The personalized messaging and precise targeting led to a higher conversion rate among recipients, resulting in a substantial increase in event attendance and the ticket sales paid for the texts many times over.

Enhanced Event Visibility:

The strategic use of text messaging helped the party generate buzz and increase event visibility within their target audience. By delivering compelling content directly to individuals’ mobile devices, the party effectively captured attention and fostered anticipation for the dinner.

Improved Attendee Engagement:

Through interactive SMS communications, i360 Text encouraged active engagement from recipients. The platform’s two-way conversation capabilities allowed attendees to ask questions, seek clarifications, and express their enthusiasm. All of these responses are logged within OCRP’s i360 instance and can be used for future targeting.


The collaboration between the Oakland County Republican Party and i360 proved to be a game-changer for the annual Lincoln Day Dinner. By leveraging AI-driven targeting and peer-to-peer text messaging, the party successfully increased ticket sales, improved event visibility, and fostered deeper engagement among attendees. The utilization of personalized messaging, precise targeting, and timely reminders played a pivotal role in achieving these remarkable results.

The success of this partnership demonstrates the immense potential of AI-powered communication platforms in political campaigns and event management.

Our partnership with i360 was critical to the success of our record-breaking Lincoln Day Dinner. i360 Text was easy to use and we loved that the data was already in the platform, saving our team significant time and expense. With i360’s help, we were able to raise more than six figures in one night, which will go directly to supporting candidates that will fight for sound fiscal policy and smaller government.

Vance PatrickChairman, Oakland County Republican Party
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