Wisconsin Republican Assembly Campaign Committee


Managing 82 state assembly races

Going into the 2022 election, the Wisconsin Republican Assembly Campaign Committee (WI RACC) planned to be involved in 82 state assembly races. Their previous data and voter contact technology providers placed a significant burden on WI RACC staffers as they were forced to transfer data between a litany of systems and attempt to recreate surveys, tags, and universes every time – an unacceptable problem when attempting to work on dozens of races at scale. Adding to the challenge, Speaker Robin Vos faced a fierce primary challenge that garnered national attention and spending.


Implementing an enterprise data & technology setup

i360 proposed an enterprise solution where WI RACC could manage all 82 of their assembly districts with ease using the i360 Portal – a one-stop platform for accessing their data, managing volunteers, and tracking their voter contact efforts without having to move data between multiple systems or create complicated spreadsheets.

The enterprise solution allowed WI RACC to create a tagging structure that was synonymous across all districts, giving them a level of organization and scale that was previously unachievable.

Because Wisconsin does not have party registration on its voter file, the committee relied on i360’s modeled party data to segment on political ideology. Furthermore, i360’s suite of predictive models allowed them to gain insight into voters’ stances on a number of issues.

Early in the partnership, WI RACC met with the i360 Analytics team to develop custom dashboards to meet their internal reporting needs. These dashboards expedited their traditional nightly reporting methods and conference calls, allowing their team to focus more on voter contact and less on pulling numbers and creating charts.

The committee also arranged for i360 to provide in-person training to their top-targeted Assembly candidates to help them become experts in using the entire i360 platform.

The i360 Portal allowed the committee to run a completely integrated campaign – using the data to mail households in conjunction with when they were being knocked using i360 Walk, improving the recall rate of the committee’s messaging and increasing overall engagement.

During the absentee & early voting phase of the cycle, WI RACC optimized their mail, call, walk, and texting efforts by having lists automatically scrubbed based on incoming AB/EV data – removing those who had already voted and saving time and money.

The committee also utilized i360 Text during their GOTV efforts and as part of a sophisticated absentee chase program.


Winning 64 races

WI RACC used i360 Walk to execute more than 400,000 door knocks throughout the state and i360 Call to make thousands of calls to highly-targeted voters. Additionally, the committee managed over 1,000 volunteers with differing permission sets.

Speaker Robin Vos’s primary effort alone consisted of 34,653 door knocks and 2,211 phone calls – despite significant spending against him, he won by 260 votes and went on to win the general election as well.

In November, WI RACC won 64 of the 99 assembly seats in the state, increasing their majority by three seats.


door knocks


pre & post-knock mailers


target races


races won

i360 allowed us to focus our resources on direct voter contact instead of time-consuming data administration tasks. Our partnership with i360 was truly a game changer in the 2022 cycle and we look forward to continuing to work together.

Tyler ClarkPolitical Director, WI RACC
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