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Using i360’s proprietary online panel, you can ask your customers or potential customers anything you want to help your business target audiences faster and more effectively, make smarter and more informed decisions, and reduce overall risks.

  • Questionnaire Development
  • Full Service Programming
  • Survey Development
  • Reporting & Analysis

Why is i360 the best solution for you?

i360’s in-house market research team has built and recruited its own online panel and panel software—directly tied to our database of 270+ million adults—allowing for advanced analysis that matches and combines responses with i360’s data.


Robust Verification

i360’s online panel is identity verified at the individual level to guard against fraudulent responses and ensure the highest quality data.

  • Panelist matched to i360 database
  • Direct Sampling of Panelists
  • Constant Vigilance & fraud Prevention
  • Better Incentive Structure
Data Accuracy
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market Research with i360

Representative of Actual Population

At i360 we ensure we don’t deliver biased results that are over representative of an easy-to-reach population. By utilizing a statistical analytics technique of algorithmic process called raking, otherwise known as reweighting, i360 “weight” samples to a target population through series of weighting schemes.


See Your Results

With an advanced in-house analytics capability, i360 is equipped to deliver more than simple survey deployment and a spreadsheet of raw data. Our expansive database contains thousands of attributes, any of which can be appended to your market research reporting, helping you determine unique marketing angles and bolstering your confidence in key business decisions.

  • Regional / State Geography
  • Income and Education
  • Custom Subset
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See how we drive impact for our clients

Through the survey i360 was able to identify 13.5 million potential new customers for Unicorn showing the potential growth in market share was larger than expected.

Unicorn, Executive

9 Days



New Customers

Quality Data Makes The Difference

See how we transform data into actionable strategy