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i360 sits on the cutting edge of technology, delivering innovative products and services to campaigns at every level of government. We’ve worked with thousands of campaigns helping achieve more than 2,600 victories across all 50 states.

Our products are uniquely developed to grow with you. From local school board elections to presidential bids, we have solutions to meet your needs. Our vast experience with campaigns of all sizes means we know just what you need from your data and technology partner to win come election day.

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With our custom solutions, i360 is bringing the technical and targeting sophistication previously reserved only for the biggest campaigns to those running for state and local office. We’ve designed plans that empower you to reach voters anytime, anywhere at a price that works for your budget.


We Work With:

  • State Senate
  • State House
  • Mayoral
  • County and local elected officials

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i360 has worked with countless congressional candidates over the past 10 years. Many of our account managers have backgrounds as campaign managers for congressional campaigns, meaning they have inside knowledge about their operations and needs when it comes to a data and technology partner. They bring this knowledge with them to i360 and their expertise has enabled us to build products that deliver every time.

We work with you from the start, helping you understand your target geography with a Deep Dive analysis, designing an outreach plan and arming you with the grassroots tools you need to execute it. Closing the loop with state-of-the art analytics solutions, we visualize your data to bring real-time insights to the forefront – saving you time and money as you run the most optimized operation possible.


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Gubernatorial and Other Statewides

Running for Governor or Attorney General? What about a statewide legislative caucus? Statewide races present unique challenges and require technologies and solutions that are scalable yet customizable. i360 has you covered.

Starting with our Deep Dive analysis, we help you understand your target geography, design an outreach plan, and deploy the grassroots tools you need to execute it.

Our technology is battle-tested and offers unmatched reliability, so you can knock more doors, place more calls, and send more texts with confidence. And, thanks to our advanced analytics solutions, you’ll never be left in the dark. Track your progress with our custom dashboards and ensure every aspect of your campaign has data at its center.


  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Legislative Caucus

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U.S. Senate elections are our specialty at i360. Having worked with more than 50 U.S. Senate candidates, we know the specific requirements of the office and what it takes to win the election. From best-in-class grassroots technologies, to custom analytics solutions, and a dedicated expert to help you run a data-driven operation, i360 is the perfect partner for your campaign.

All powered by i360’s superior data and built specifically to help you scale your grassroots program, each of our technologies enables you arm your volunteer network and activists with easy-to-use, reliable solutions that translate to more door knocks, phone calls, and text messages leading up to election day. Our robust analytics offerings allow you to monitor activity in real time to make informed decisions in the moment.

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