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199 Million Active Voters
290 Million Consumers
101 Million Identified Individuals
311 Million Matched Devices
1800 Unique Data Points
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i360 Text

i360 TEXT

Your volunteers can now reach thousands of voters in a matter of minutes with i360 Text. i360 is always ahead of the campaign technology curve, and i360 Text is no exception. Our closed-loop, peer-to-peer texting feature enables you to cut through the clutter and reach your target audience quickly and effectively.

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At i360® we believe THE DATA IS THE DIFFERENCE. But what does that mean? Simply put, it means integrating data in everything we do to produce the most effective outcomes for every one of our clients.

At the core of the i360 operation is a comprehensive database of all 18+ American consumers and voters containing thousands of pieces of individual and aggregated information that give us the full picture of who they are, where they live, what they do and what is happening around them. Leveraging this and our capabilities in data science, analytics, technology development and advertising, we help clients take their efforts to the next level by embracing the concept of truly borderless data.

The Data


i360’s comprehensive data is a unique combination of hard data points and predictive modeling. Our dataset incorporates extensive political identification, coalition and membership information collected by way of in-person, phone and online surveys, as well as through partner relationships in addition to lifestyle and consumer data collected from multiple top-tier providers. Our data is further enhanced by our suite of predictive models, filling in gaps and helping us build the most complete profile for every individual possible.

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With 1800 unique data points on all 290 million Americans, we can create the most comprehensive profile of your target making sure you’re working with the full picture.

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We don’t buy lists that are likely outdated and inaccurate. Instead we independently source voter data from every state and multi-source lifestyle and consumer data from top tier providers prioritizing the accuracy and depth of every profile.

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We make our data actionable through state-of-the-art canvassing and predictive dialer technologies using a unique closed-loop system ensuring your data is always up to date.



Our team of data scientists build and refine proven, sophisticated models that enable us to predict behaviors and actions, such as the likelihood to support or oppose an issue, redeem a coupon, subscribe to an email list or even purchase a particular brand or product. This knowledge is powerful, informing messaging and enhancing your ability to target and reach the right customer to achieve success at scale.



If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. You won’t find any cookie-cutter dashboards here. With real-time activity monitoring, data aggregation and synthesis and custom dashboards, our team of analysts are dedicated to creating visualizations, reports and dashboards that work for you. And we don’t stop there. Our analysts are trained to look for patterns and trends to help inform your strategy and ensure you understand the full picture before making important business decisions.

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Take your data to the next level with i360’s technology solutions. Learn More
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i360’s existing product suite arms campaigns with the tools they need to scale their grassroots efforts to new records placing more calls and knocking more doors than ever before. Not interested in grassroots outreach? Disruptive innovation is at the center of the i360 culture meaning we are developing new technologies to better leverage our data and support our clients’ needs all the time. Have a particular need? LET’S TALK



To enable you to reach your target audience anywhere they consume media, we onboard all our models into segments for online targeting across all major ad networks and DSPs and partner with top cable providers for addressable TV targeting.

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This is an incredible product. Thanks for what you guys do.

The flexibility of the new, expanded set of models allowed us to deliver precisely-targeted messages to specific voter universes.

i360’s modeling and grassroots tools gave us a competitive edge on how we target these voters.

Everything – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

i360 is so much better any other system out there. The products aren’t cookie cutter but rather structured to fit your needs

Cleanest data on the market.

The scope of data and level of support provided by i360 are unmatched.

i360 has the best data in the business.

i360 is leading the way in effective data-driven campaign execution going beyond just typical metric tracking and phone/door universe development.

Fastest and most user-friendly system on the market.

It’s the best system in field campaign operations, period.

i360 is the most comprehensive and user friendly data platform I’ve worked with in the US. It helps you answer questions for your clients quickly and doesn’t take a data guru to run.

The most sophisticated, easy to use grassroots system that I have used.

Excellent service. Reliable data. Unmatched customer service.

The technological support is phenomenal. Very accurate data.

Data collection, validation, and segmentation is second to none.

Great data quality, responsive support staff, easy to use for volunteers.

The focus on continuous improvement and feature expansion is incredible, and it brings a level of accountability to your field teams that was previously unthinkable.

i360’s ability to identify and target Ohio voters and accurately predict their leanings on hyper-local, timely issues was the difference in our ability to win over voters by showing we cared about the same things they did.

i360 was what the military calls a Force Multiplier. With their grassroots tools, we were able to help voters request an absentee ballot directly from their doorstep, integrating the AB plan seamlessly into our ground game. And the poll flushing app ensured that each volunteer contacted as many targeted voters as possible on Election Day.

Our Work

With political elections on the line, i360 provides timely, data-driven insights that scale to the needs of any client Background After the 2008 election, the business of politics changed and one thing was clear – data, both quantity and quality, would be the determinant in the result of the next election cycle
2015 was what they call an “off-off” election year in Virginia; a year in which there are no Federal or statewide elections, yet all 100 seats in the House of Delegates and 40 seats in the State Senate are on the ballot. Historically in a 4-year election cycle, the off-off years result in the lowest…
The Portman campaign didn’t waste any time, signing on with i360 in early February, 2015. Together, i360 and the campaign strategized a plan to execute one of the most custom-targeted, integrated campaigns to date with a focus on getting the right message to the right voter wherever that might be.
Founded in 2009, data firm i360 provides data analytics, grassroots technology and digital marketing guidance to organizations within the free market political advocacy space. “We have a simple goal: empowering our clients through data and technology,” says Brian Presher, Director of Digital Marketing at i360. “We help clients get the most from their outreach efforts
Arizona Grassroots Action was initially created in February of 2014 to help incumbent Senator, John McCain stave off threats from a competitive primary challenger. Facing an uneasy electorate, AGA knew its best chance at success was to rely heavily on data to identify and target the right voters from…
On March 1, 2017, Ryan Zinke was sworn in as President Trump’s Secretary of the Interior, and the race to replace him as US Representative for Montana’s at-large congressional district began.
Rubio’s deputy campaign manager, Brian Swensen, had only 139 days to recruit, hire and train a statewide voter turnout operation while executing a modern day, data-driven campaign.
“Using i360 Call, Jim was able to take advantage of the benefits offered by a national campaign technology without losing the level of personal connection so important to local elections…”
“Using i360 Call, Jim was able to take advantage of the benefits offered by a national campaign technology without losing the level of personal connection so important to local elections…”
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