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By integrating a multitude of historic and real-time data sources, i360 brings its integrated capabilities of data science, technology and analytics to bear to solve operational, supply chain, market forecasting, and many other challenges for our customers.

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Market forecasting

Market forecasting

Using historical data from your business, as well as millions of external data points such as economic and market data, pricing data, logistics data, and environmental data as well as customer sentiment data, i360 builds and validates AI models that make predictions at the product, market, index, and individual consumer levels.

From forecasting future markets to inform trading strategy to gathering data from unexpected sources to identify the going rate for raw materials to guide pricing negotiations to predicting supply, demand and credit risk presented by other businesses, the applications of i360’s data science capabilities are limitless.



Identification &

At i360, the data — not assumptions — drives our predictive models. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and hundreds of dynamic variables, i360’s predictive modeling provides unprecedented insight into consumer behavior empowering businesses to target audiences with unmatched precision.

Applying advanced data sourcing techniques and statistical pattern recognition our models provide key pieces of intelligence to our customers. Coupling large random sample surveys and ensembling multiple advanced machine-learning algorithms to minimize error coming from any one algorithm, our models generate the most accurate, individual-level predictions in the industry.



Increase the efficiency of your business operations and maximize output by using predictive modeling to identify risk indicators and prevent issues before they happen.

From optimizing plant operations to identifying equipment failures before they happen, i360’s ability to understand and marry disparate data sources presents countless opportunities for optimization and improvement.


Supply Chain Logistics

Using existing internal and external data, i360 can build models to help you optimize production and minimize waste by identifying inefficiencies or shortcomings of existing processes. For instance, using weather and traffic pattern data along with many other data points, i360 built a suite of models to predict arrival-times for deliveries to keep customers informed with reliable information they could plan around.


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